[pmwiki-users] CSS for one (or all) tag in _a single_ page (inline or in head)

Hans hans.bracker at googlemail.com
Thu Aug 24 17:17:33 CDT 2006

Andy wrote:
> After your first comment, I took a peak at Hans' code, and
> unfortunately, I really don't know enough PHP or regex to be able to
> tweak it (I tried), but I was thinking of a tweak that would allow
> someone to just include a line like:
> $RequiredStyleGroup = 'ExampleStylesGroup';
> in config.php.

I updated stylepage.php and added a variable $SiteGroupStylePages,
which is set to 1 by default, restricting other style pages to the $SiteGroup.
This is a change from the previous behaviour, which allowed style
pages in any group.
If you want this you need to set $SiteGroupStylePages = 0;
I hope this meets some of the demand for greater security in using this script.



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