[pmwiki-users] Page file formats

The Editor editor at fast.st
Thu Aug 24 09:28:18 CDT 2006

Well, the FAST Data Project seems to be growing.  Just added
append/prepend options of the data log, the ability to delete entire
pages, data values, and/or log.  I plan to add required fields
capabilities shortly as part of the 1.0 distribution.  The remaining
questions have to do a bit more with PmWiki Page File formats.

Here are a couple quick questions I have after examining the
documentation (PmWiki/FageFileFormat).

1)  How does one use page variables in recipes.  For example I'm wanting to set

      version={$version} ordered=1 urlencoded=1

2)  Can you manually set the title right in the page headers without
having to use a title directive, ie have a line that looks like:  (I'm
wanting this retrievable as {$Title} in pagelists.

       title=My New Page

3)  Is there anyway to override PmWiki's rewriting of the author
header whenever a page is  edited by an entry in a group config file.
My thought was this could be used to preserve the original author's
name, rather than the latest modifier of the page.  Albeit, it would
presumably be retrieved by {$LastModifiedBy}.  :)  Optionally, of
course, could another line be added called Creator (or a bit less

4) In setting the ctime and time lines, I presume you would use the
time() function in php to get the right time stamp, and these are then
used to sort in a pagelist.  But how does one retrieve those times in
pagelist display, as in page created time, or page last modified time.
 {$LastModified} I presume returns time.  But there is no page
variable for  ctime, such as {$DataCreated}.  Any reason? Or a way to
get this--in a pagelist?

5) How do you retrieve the page creator's "host" ip address in a
recipe function?  That is how do I get that info so I can set it in
the page.  This seems like it would be useful in case of spamming,
though I'm not sure how much.

6) There does not seem to be any indication of the order of parameters
in the Pmwiki/PageFileFormat documentation.  Can title and time come
before text?  Or do they have to follow it, in some specified order.

7) The docs say that in the text string, newlines must be converted to
%0a and %'s to %25.  Is there a pmwiki function that automatically
does that?  It seems using urlencode() would change far more than is
desired.  A good pmwiki function would be nice because I've noticed a
couple other things don't work right.  For example a ' is returned as
\'    Kind of a bit strange. And also " can cause some problems at
least for my application.  I'd like those encoded and then decoded.

Actually this encoding/decoding process seems a better solution than
doing regex testing for every field.

Thanks for any help to these questions.


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