[pmwiki-users] Apache Question??

Ben Weston ben at computerhelpme.com
Thu Aug 24 09:02:46 CDT 2006

I'm an expierenced Linux/UNIX Admin, but I'm still rather new to Apache 
(I know, a real contradiction).  I just setup PmWiki, and it's working 
great.  However, I want to be able to put a User based authentication on 
being able to access the site entirely (side bar, content, everything). 
This is for a company documentation site, and we want to be able to put 
it on a publicly addressable server for our field techs to access 
on-site, but don't want undesirables finding out our customer info etc.  
Right now it's internal only, so only partially useful for our needs.

Is this something that is done in PmWiki natively, or do I need set this 
up through Apache.  I'm guessing I need to go with an SSL route, but I'm 
not sure.

Direction and Documentation suggestions most welcomed.  I'm a quick 
study so long as I have a starting point.


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