[pmwiki-users] Using PmWiki for authoring a book

OBUTEX / Hladůvka admin at obutex.com
Thu Aug 24 09:02:37 CDT 2006

Tom Backer Johnsen napsal(a):
> I have already been looking into the group idea without really 
> grasping the details.  As long as I can restrict access to a group to 
> a small group of persons (the authors) and permit editing inside to 
> the same persons, it should be what I need.
> Tom
1) Edit Site.AuthUser page to define the group of authors
@authors: John, Frank, Tom

then define users
John: (:encrypt johnspassword:)
Frank: (:encrypt franksspassword:)
Tom: (:encrypt tomspassword:)

or viceversa (not necessary to define the group of authors)
define just users
John:@authors (:encrypt johnspassword:)
Frank:@authors (:encrypt franksspassword:)
Tom:@authors (:encrypt tomspassword:)

You can combine both variants.

2) define group attributes using URL
http:// ....../SomeGroup/GroupAttributes?action=attr
and fill in field "new pasword for editing" with text "@authors" 
(without quotes)

I hope it helps.

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