[pmwiki-users] Using PmWiki for authoring a book

Roman romat2 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 24 08:06:16 CDT 2006

> Wikis in general are ideal for collaborative text editing. Since all
> revisions are preserved people can go ahead an alter stuff, without
> worrying about potentially losing anything. It's also easy to compare
> edits side by side.

I must point out that pmwiki does not show differences side by side
but bellow each other. It is very easy to find changes at paragraph
level (which paragraph has been added, which has been deleted etc.),
but sometimes it's hard to find changes at word level. If reviewer
changes single word or corrects a typo you will see nearly identical
paragraphs and you have to stare at them for a while to find where is
the difference. That's my experience. Apart from this small annoyance
I can only recommend for collaborative textbook editing.


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