[pmwiki-users] php mystery

JB jbit at ev1.net
Wed Aug 23 09:01:46 CDT 2006

> I am getting exraneous output:
>     <span class='wikiword'>ArrayArray</span>
> at the very end of a page that uses my recipe AdvancedTableDirectives.
> Even with multiple tables on the same page it only displays once

I solved the problem but I don't know why one works and not 
the other.  Turns out that php does not like this:

  $MarkupFrame[0]['closeall']['last'][$tablenumber] = avalue;

but has no problem with ths:

  $MarkupFrame[0][$tablenumber]['closeall']['last'] = avalue;


The solution came to me in a dream.  It worked. strange how that works.

My best guess is that php does not like you putting an index after
a ragged array. ???

SimplifiedAdvancedTableDirectives and AdvancedTableDirectives
now allow for nested tables.

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