[pmwiki-users] Login Problem

Florian Fischer Flori-Fischer at gmx.net
Wed Aug 23 02:31:18 CDT 2006


like i have already written yesterday, I have a little trouble with my login. Well, in fact it´s not the login itself, this works perfectly fine. But the problem is, that the login automatically appears when i´m loading the wiki. i´m using userauth, cmslike and dynamicPageActions. Users which are not logged in are only allowed to read. This has already worked some time ago, but i think it stopped working after i modified Site.Pageactions according to dynamicPageActions, but i´m not sure. How can i avoid that the loginform appears automatically. Loading the wiki, i just want user to be able to read. If they want to edit, they have to be logged in (via a tab). 
I´m completely lost and hoping for help,


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