[pmwiki-users] FAST Data v0.99 Released--Almost Done

The Editor editor at fast.st
Tue Aug 22 20:17:17 CDT 2006

Just uploaded v0.99 of the FAST Data Project, and the documentation.
Here is a rough overview of its features:

* Can Save Data from froms on regular wiki pages and retrieve them
anywhere as page variables for use in conditionals, redirects, etc.
* Can Append Data for use in comment boxes, logging user info, etc,
without affecting data fields.  Appended data can be included on other
pages using anchor [[#Data]].
* Can Email Data from forms with custom email to's, from's and subjects.
* Data can be saved with or without field names.
* Save, Appending, and Emailing can each include any or all fields in
any order. They can even be different from each other.
* Wiki styles can easily be added within forms to fancy up appended data.
* Viewers can be forwarded to any page on form submission.
* Data can be saved to "mirror" data pages (pages with the same name
as the current page, but in different groups).
* Data Pages can be enumerated, with each new created page in a group
given the next available number (great for numbered forum threads or
issue tracking).
* Pull Down menus can be created dynamically, listing all pages in a
group, or by any other pagelist criteria.
* Pull Down menus (or checkboxes, radioboxes, whatever) can be
converted to jumpmenu's, forwarding the viewer to the selected page.
* Membership accounts can be easily created with wiki pages storing
any desired user info/preferences.
* Members can be authenticated based on their selected password and
member name, using AuthUser.

This recipe makes things like the following a snap--just by carefully
setting up forms with the right fields.  No additional recipes

Small MailLists
Guest Books
Comment Boxes
User Logs
Issue Tracking
Shopping cart
Password Reminders
Site Customization
Search Membership
Jump Menu's
Much more...

The only thing lacking for FASTData-v.1.0, and then I'll call it quits
for awhile (and busy myself with all these applications of the recipe)
is help spotting any security risks in the recipe (most have been
addressed already, I think), and second help with error proofing the
data input using regex expressions.  I've noticed a few entries that
can break the recipe, which need to be processed better.  With that, I
think we're good to go!

What a sense of relief!  Almost done.  Maybe now I can get back to my
regular life!

Thanks to all that have helped with this, especially Pm for his many
suggestions and solutions through numerous tough spots along the way.


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