[pmwiki-users] Monobook new tab problem

Dominique Faure dominique.faure at gmail.com
Tue Aug 22 10:56:36 CDT 2006

On 8/22/06, Inigo Aldazabal Mensa <ialdazabal at ehu.es> wrote:
> Adam Breashears wrote:
> >
> > Check your ak_view variable - you need different ones for each link in
> > the monobook skin, otherwise it will think each link is in the same
> > state.
> >
> mmm... changing it to say
> * %item class=browse accesskey='$[ak_view]'%[[{$FullName} | $[View] ]]
> * %item class=browse accesskey='$[ak_preview]'%[[{$FullName}-other |
> $[View-other] ]]
> does not change the described behavior.
> By trial error I got to the conclusion that is the action what sets the
> state.
> Could I perhaps add a new action to pmwiki, equivalent to browse, so that
> monobook skin could  deal with it? Is this doable or to complicated?


As initially designed, the tab link states are defined according to
the page current action and the one given in the link definitions from
Site.PageActions (no given action meaning action=browse). Thus, if you
provide several links with no (aka. browse) or same action, they will
be identically rendered.

To transform a bug(?) in a feature, and get the expected result, you
may provide an additional url parameter which will help differentiate
them as in:

* %item class=browse accesskey='$[ak_view]'%[[{$FullName} | $[View] ]]
* %item class=browse
| $[View-other] ]]

You could also get an interesting side effect, in providing the
following extra parameter:
from={$FullName} as in (style definition omitted):

* [[{$FullName}-other?action=browse&from={$FullName} | $[View-other] ]]

and redefining $PageRedirectFmt in your configuration file to remove
the edit action:

$PageRedirectFmt = "<p><i>($[redirected from] <a rel='nofollow'

This way, browsing the "other" page would add a link back to your original page.

Hope this help,

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