[pmwiki-users] Indent multiple paragraphs at once?

Andrew Standfield andy at scruffyco.com
Mon Aug 21 17:15:20 CDT 2006

I realize that I'm just being nit-picky, but using the "indent<<"  
markup isn't really the best option for this case from a semantic  
point of view. Really (and I realize that a lot of markup semantics  
issues are just opinion), a better option would be to define a custom  
markup that used a <blockquote> tag since, that's really what quoting  
the email would fall under.

I don't think PmWiki has predefined markup for <blockquote>... or  
does it?

Again... it's all just "IMHO" stuff, though.

Andy Standfield

On Aug 21, 2006, at 10:34 AM, Hans wrote:

> On 21/08/06, Mike <mike at widowitz.com> wrote:
>> Thanks, works great!
>> I couldn't find that one in the doc, though. Is it documented at all?
> indent is defined as a class in pmwiki.php as a $HTMLStylesFmt 
> ['pmwiki'] entry:
> .indent { margin-left:40px; }
> About custom wikistyles see the page CustomWikiStyles
> in the documentation.
> http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/PmWiki/CustomWikiStyles
> There is also an example about whitespace=pre on page
> http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/PmWiki/WikiStyleExamples
> which may be interesting to use, together with indent
> or margin-left=
> for instance
>>> indent white-space=pre<<
> or
>>> margin-left=6em white-space=pre<<
> ~Hans
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