[pmwiki-users] SectionEdit problem

Inigo Aldazabal Mensa ialdazabal at ehu.es
Mon Aug 21 11:25:49 CDT 2006

> I don't think that ?action=view is a valid action. The docs and a quick
> grep didn't uncover anything. Also, if you try ?action=fred, this will
> do what you are seeing. Rather than ?action=view, simply append nothing
> to the URL.

Thanks for your answer.

You are right that view is not a valid action. The proper action should be
browse. This corrects the SectionEdit behaviour. Thank you for pointing
this out.

Now, the thing is that what I am really after is adding a "Discussion" tab
to the monobook skin a la wikimedia style. So I will start another thread.


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