[pmwiki-users] Maximum page-width in Katskin

Ben marsepein at gmail.com
Mon Aug 21 08:02:04 CDT 2006


I'm using katskin for one of my sites now,
its width is always using 100% of the screen size, basically.
In some cases this causes text to have lines that are just too long.

Can I set the site to take up a maximum width, like for example 900 pixels?
And for sizes smaller than that it should behave as it does now, and

I should probably do that somewhere for
<div id='wikihead'>
in the template, but I'm an old-style html guy, the div stuff is
rather new to me.

Also, for Kathryn: The Login button does not appear in IE for me, only
in Firefox.
Is this known to you, and is there a way to also have it appear in IE (6) ?
(not for me, but for people needing to edit it later)


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