[pmwiki-users] Sidebars per Group

Ben marsepein at gmail.com
Sun Aug 20 07:38:53 CDT 2006

On 8/19/06, Pico <pmwiki at ben-amotz.com> wrote:
> A compromise to consider is to use a pagelist on Site.SideBar, for
> yourself when you are editing the site and working on drafts of new or
> alternative, and fixed group specific lists for others.

Yes, I had already done that for myself to spare me some typing.

> To do that,
> use Hans' suggestion of adding an include Site.SideBar directive and
> then provide conditions based on edit rights, so that readers without
> edit rights only see the hard-coded items in each Group.SideBar and
> authors with edit rights see the pagelist from Site.SideBar.
> As for the top NavBar that appears on the site that you are working
> from, you can get that with some skins, such as DropDownSkin and Triad.
> For other skins, you can always hack that with a bit of editing.  See
> Hans' recent comment at Cookbook/FixFlowSkin-Comments ("Does >>lnav<<
> exist for FixFlow").  Even for other skins that don't have a PageTopMenu
> page, you should be able to make similar changes to the portion of the
> css that governs the display of page actions (and, again, you could use
> conditionals so that the group listings display for everyone, but the
> page actions only display for editors).

I ended up using Katskin as a base now, it's quite good !
Liked the fact that it optionally automatically lists the Groups in the menu
plus it has the breadcrumbs in the spot I want them to be, and it hides
the wiki-actions to the normal viewer ( CMS mode ).

Any quick idea on how to remove the pagename as a header for each page?
I'll have headers in pages to be custom and different for this site,
different from the URL/autocreated name.

Starting to really love pmwiki. Been working on it for two days straight !

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