[pmwiki-users] any solution to get a full customizable login prompt ?

Jean-Fabrice [gmail] jeanfabrice at gmail.com
Sat Aug 19 18:50:03 CDT 2006

2006/8/20, The Editor <editor at fast.st>:
> Might not another solution be to change the location of the default
> for AuthForm to some other wiki page?  I don't know how to do this,
> but would like to use it for an alternate authentication system I'm
> using.
> Right now, my plan is to simply have a redirect on Site.AuthForm to
> the Login page I'm using--but that just adds an unnecessary pageload.
> It might be easier, and solve Jo's problem to just change the default
> location used when PmWiki decides a person should login.

AFAIU, AuthForm is not reallly a login page but rather a form which is
sent when your actual rights are not sufficients to execute the action
you ask for.
In my example, since my wiki is read protected, trying to access any
page of the wiki triggers the authentication process and then bring up
the authform.
The interesting thing is that pmwiki *remembers* the page you ask for,
shows you the authentication form and then show you the page you ask
at the beginning in cas of a successfull authentication.

I'm not sure this can work if you make a redirect from Site.AuthForm
to another login page. Did you try accessing not the home page  but
another protected page and see if you're finally redirected to this
page once authenticated ?


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