[pmwiki-users] Sidebars per Group

Little, Charles Charles.Little2 at BellSouth.com
Sat Aug 19 14:03:26 CDT 2006

> [replying to this message to get a clear response in the archive]
> As mentioned in other messages, create a page in each group called 
> "SideBar" (with an uppercase 'B') -- that page will be used 
> instead of the Site.SideBar.
> This does depend on the skin being used, but as far as I know 
> nearly all of the skins support this behavior.
Sorry if this appears twice- I didn't see it come through.

If you have WikiGroup.SideBar defined, then:

1) what file do you edit to affect the CSS of the links there?
2) what attribute do you have to edit for the links?

I have CSS defined for the WikiGroup, and the links within the WikiGroup
are perfectly styled.  However, the links in the sidebar are not.  I was
before this using code in the Site.SideBar to change the links based on
current group, and that was styled according to the current group.  But
the PerGroup side bar is not.



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