[pmwiki-users] Sidebars per Group

Hans hans.bracker at googlemail.com
Sat Aug 19 06:00:45 CDT 2006

On 19/08/06, Ben <marsepein at gmail.com> wrote:

> Currently I see that the Sidebar being loaded is always in the "Site/" group.
> Where do I load different links for each Group?

Site.SideBar will be loaded for all pages, but if you create
GroupName.SideBar this will be loaded instead and used for all pages
in group GroupName.
That way you can create individual Sidebars for any group.

If you need to have  asection of a group sidebar with common links
for all the site, you can use (:include Site.SideBar:) for instance
to have the Site.SideBar loaded as well in the Group Sidebar

Hope this helps.

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