[pmwiki-users] Sidebars per Group

Ben marsepein at gmail.com
Sat Aug 19 04:58:18 CDT 2006


I'm creating a wiki-alternative for this site: http://www.de-bezieling.nl/
and all the links in the top bar (Groups, basically)
have a different set of links (at the left, so in the Sidebar).

How do I get this done in pmwiki ?
I've had some advices before, but they didn't work.

The idea is:

When a page in Group1/ is called,
a different Sidebar should load
than when a page for another group is loaded,
Group2/ has a different Sidebar from Group3 etc.

Currently I see that the Sidebar being loaded is always in the "Site/" group.
Where do I load different links for each Group?

The links per Sidebar can be hardcoded, they don't have to be a wiki.
Only each Group's pages need to be wiki-editable.
So I'm mostly interested in the fastest loading option for the viewer.

Any advice on this would be welcomed.



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