[pmwiki-users] hot to execute php recipe code after Save button clicked

JB jbit at ev1.net
Sat Aug 19 00:29:16 CDT 2006

What makes an included file run immediately after someone 
clicks the SAVE button while editing a pmwiki page?

It appears that the mt-blacklist.php file runs when I 
start to edit a page and not after I click save.  I am pretty 
certain that it should run after the save button is clicked 
and not when a person just starts to edit.

Here is the recipe include syntax.

  if ($action=='edit') include_once('cookbook/mt-blacklist.php');

I am trying to figure out this recipe.
The code in this recipe appears like if it finds an objectional
url link in the newly entered wiki page source it clears changes 
and will not save them.  I see nothing in the code that makes 
it run only after a person clicks save. 

Here is the recipe source:


So what makes something run after the save button is clicked?

Did this maybe change when PM upgraded PMWiki????

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