[pmwiki-users] Group & subgroup behavior

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud at pobox.com
Fri Aug 18 08:40:15 CDT 2006

On Fri, Aug 18, 2006 at 11:47:28AM +0200, Joachim Durchholz wrote:
> Patrick R. Michaud schrieb:
> > On Thu, Aug 17, 2006 at 09:25:36AM -0500, Adam Breashears wrote:
> >>    Is it possible to define groups and their behavior like:
> >>     
> > 
> > Short answer: not exactly.  
> > See http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/PmWiki/HierarchicalGroups  for
> > the current state of things (you've already explored some of these).
> Any progress on plans to support hierarchical groups?

I don't have any plans at the moment to support hierarchical groups.

> The most interesting addition seems to be mrcs' reiser4-inspired 
> proposal. Search for "June 21, 2006, at 04:10 PM" on 
> http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/PmWiki/HierarchicalGroups-Proposals
> to find the most relevant passage.

The biggest negative I see with the reiser4-inspired proposal
is the need for the colon to a sibling link.  It seems to me
that sibling links are by far the most common, and so requiring
a colon on each one optimizes markup the wrong way.  In particular,
I have trouble with giving an instruction like "to create a link 
to another page, use [[:another page]]"  -- a lot of people will ask
"Why is that colon required?"

It also goes against the natural inclination of most filesystems,
in which a bare name "B" within file "A" refers to a file named
"B" in the same folder as "A", and not to a child of "A".


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