[pmwiki-users] Blog, multiple entries per day / Blogging support

Iain D. Brown iain at iainbrown.net
Fri Aug 18 04:31:52 CDT 2006

Ryan Varick wrote:

> I'm inclined to continue to take a "wait and see" approach to
> KoB development. The pagelist-based recipe is actually pretty
> good, if a bit rough around the edges.

The recipe is actually *very* good! Very easy to set up, clear to
use and manage, clear permalinks references ...

My only need now, and this is the question I wish to ask of the
list, is how to display only a couple of sentences of a blog entry
and have a "Read more..." link automatically inserted.

Do any of the other blog recipes provide this 'summary' feature?

> I've noted all the comments and questions about KoB, and acting on
> them would take a few days; however, I just don't have the time right
> now.  Further, KoB always was kind of a stopgap measure.  People
> wanted blogging and there weren't any options at the time.  Now PmWiki
> is much better suited to blogging support, and it's time for the next
> generation of tools to come along.

I have been in touch off-line with Ryan about my desire for a
"Read more..." link, and understand his stance.

Ryan, hope the move goes/went well!

Best wishes,


Iain Brown
iain at iainbrown.net

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