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Ben Wilson dausha at gmail.com
Thu Aug 17 22:09:10 CDT 2006

Look at these recipes. Both produce bookmarklet markup, and should
help guide you to your answer. If this is overwhelming, let us know,
and I'll see if I can provide a better answer. :-)


On 8/16/06, JB <jbit at ev1.net> wrote:
> How do I display a bookmarklet on a wiki page so
> that it can be added to a browser toolbar?
> With the pmwiki code:
>   [[javascript:location.href+="?action=edit"|PMWiki Edit]]
> it displays:
>   PMWiki Edit?
> and clicking it navigates to
>   Editing JavascriptLocation.Href
> The URL changes to
> http://www.aname.com/apmwikifarm/apmwikifarm.php?n=JavascriptLocation.Href?action=edit
> How do you make it not think it is looking for a
> non existing wiki page called JavascriptLocation.Href.
> How do you make it keep the original code so someone
> can add it to their browser toolbar or bookmarks?
> This would be useful for my wiki pages where I
> remove the "View Edit History Print" in the
> upper right to make it look more like an ordinary
> web page.
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