[pmwiki-users] Convention and Scheduling support.

Stirling Westrup sti at pooq.com
Thu Aug 17 14:52:18 CDT 2006

I have a number of friends on the committees for some of the upcoming
worldcons. They are looking for some cheap-as-possible collaborative
software to allow them to organize things. Many of the features of
PmWiki would be ideal for them, but there is functionality that they
need that I can't see how to easily supply via PmWiki.

As a consequence I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about setting
up the following:

1) A scheme that lets users change and modify panel proposals but
requires some sort of administrative approval to get on the actual agenda.

2) Some way of letting panel participants register and provide
availability information and panel preferences.

3) Some way to edit the convention schedule so that participants can be
matched to panels which are matched to available rooms and time slots.
This sounds like a lot of work to implement, and I don't think there are
any existing recipes that come anywhere near being able to do this.

Any suggestions as to the easiest/cheapest way to set some of this up?

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