[pmwiki-users] Rename Attach:ed file?

Michael Brenner mik.admin at nurfuerspam.de
Thu Aug 17 03:29:09 CDT 2006

Hi there,

it should be that simple, because pmwiki translates Attach:xyz.jpg to 
something like http://uploadhost.tld/upuploaddir/xyz.jpg atleast if your 
config.php contains $EnableDirectDownload=1;. Anyway I cannot imagine any 
sideeffects, in my pmwiki it worked, too.

Am Donnerstag, 17. August 2006 07:03 schrieb Allister Jenks:
> I uploaded a bunch of files with names that are now confusing to me,
> so I want to change those names.  I assume it is pretty
> straightforward to rename them in-situ:
> 1) Rename the file (via FTP client) from ABC_001.jpg to XYZ_001.jpg
> 2) Change the page sources from Attach:ABC_001.jpg to Attach:XYZ_001.jpg
> Is there anywhere else I need to update or is it that simple?

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