[pmwiki-users] Blogging support?

IchBin weconsul at ptd.net
Wed Aug 16 21:19:55 CDT 2006

Patrick R. Michaud wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 16, 2006 at 02:13:06PM -0300, Hernan Moraldo wrote:
>>    I've seen some time ago PM said blogging support would be added to the
>>    PmWiki... while there are some blogging recipes out there, I was wondering
>>    whether direct blogging support would be added in next versions of the
>>    software.
>>    Is blogging support still in todo list for next releases, or has it been
>>    cancelled?
> As it turns out, I just received a contract last week that will cause me
> to finally develop several oft-requested features for PmWiki, including
> a good portion (if not all) of blogging support.
> I expect to have it done this month.
> Pm

Even though I do not have any recipe to contribute to this wiki. It 
seems that this newsgroup is all about. I thought that this group was 
for users and not just developers of recipes for PmWiki. I am really 
happy that Blogging will be included for PmWiki.  I am not sure what to 
do about the simple questions, I have had in the past, about the current 
recipes that are now apart of PmWiki now. I seem to be somewhat 
discouraged by no response by my questions on current recipes. Unlike 
other newsgroups like Java and PHP where I always have some one to 
respond to a question.

Thanks in Advance...
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