[pmwiki-users] bookmarklet on wiki page

JB jbit at ev1.net
Wed Aug 16 16:30:50 CDT 2006

How do I display a bookmarklet on a wiki page so
that it can be added to a browser toolbar?

With the pmwiki code:

  [[javascript:location.href+="?action=edit"|PMWiki Edit]]

it displays:

  PMWiki Edit?

and clicking it navigates to 

  Editing JavascriptLocation.Href

The URL changes to 


How do you make it not think it is looking for a 
non existing wiki page called JavascriptLocation.Href. 
How do you make it keep the original code so someone 
can add it to their browser toolbar or bookmarks?

This would be useful for my wiki pages where I 
remove the "View Edit History Print" in the 
upper right to make it look more like an ordinary 
web page.

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