[pmwiki-users] add meta tags to html - how to?

Moni Kellermann kellerfrau at gmail.com
Wed Aug 16 04:27:06 CDT 2006

Hi everybody,

how can I add some meta tags to all of the pages in a way that I can 
keep that code in case I upgrade?

The standard pmwiki installation creates the header like this:

<title>PmWiki | Main / HomePage </title>
<meta http-equiv='Content-Style-Type' content='text/css' />
<link rel='stylesheet' href='..../pub/skins/pmwiki/pmwiki.css' 
type='text/css' />
<!--HeaderText--><style type='text/css'>
<meta name='robots' content='index,follow' />

So, where can I add keywords and description and other stuff?

Kind regards,
moni k.

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