[pmwiki-users] Google Map API (Continued) . . .

David Spitzley dspitzle at wash.k12.mi.us
Tue Aug 15 08:04:59 CDT 2006

A >definite< improvement.  I'm looking forward to the ability to modify
the icons; I assume that feature is what I'd need in order to label the
map points A, B, C, etc.?  With the autozoom working, that's basically
the only thing missing for my purposes.

Actually, I just noticed that the pop-up windows (which work now! 
Yay!) don't seem to render the html in the way I expected.  The br tags
I included get displayed, rather than converted into line breaks.  I'm
not sure if that's you or Google, though.


>>> "Ben Wilson" <dausha at gmail.com> 08/14/06 9:20 PM >>>
I know I'm not getting a lot of response of late. So, I'm just pinging
the group.

I just re-published the v.1.3 release.[2] However, I am not
comfortable enough with the code for a production-use release. For
those who have used this recipe, I encourage you to try the code in a
development-only context and provide feedback.

I'm planning on this being the last v.1 series release, as I am
planning on re-tooling the markup and purifying the code. The
full-version bump (to v.2.0) is due to the markup change. I figure an
interface change necessitates a version bump. I would like to know
what features are desired that aren't available in the v.1.3 release.

[1]: http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/GoogleMapAPI 

Ben Wilson
"All this worldly wisdom was once the unamiable heresy of some wise
man." HDT

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