[pmwiki-users] defining authuser groups in config.php

benjamin behringer noskule at gmx.net
Tue Aug 15 06:16:52 CDT 2006

hi list
is it somhow possible to define usergroups in config.php I did try the 
following but without success:

$AuthUser['Admin'] = crypt('adminpassword');
$AuthUser['Adminuser'] = crypt('adminuserpassword');
$AuthUser['Normaluser'] = crypt('userpassword');

$AuthUser['@admins'] = array('id:Admin','id:BenjaminBehringer');
$AuthUser['@admins'] = 'id:Admin,id:Adminuser);

$DefaultPasswords['admin'] = '@admins';		
$DefaultPasswords['attr'] = '@admins';		
$DefaultPasswords['upload'] = '@admins';

$DefaultPasswords['edit'] = '@admins';

Is it possible to define groups in config.php or do I need to use the AuthUser 
page? Thanks for any hints

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