[pmwiki-users] Custom markup gets transformed when editing page.

Luis Fernandez dropmeaword at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 14 19:10:38 CDT 2006

Hi all,

I've created a custom wiki tag (:latinamerica:) that
simply dumps an image map of latinamerica that takes
you to different pages of the wiki when you click on
any country. Creating the custom markup was easy
enough, here's how it's registered:

Markup("latinamerica", "_end",
"/\\(:latinamerica:\\)/", GetMapOfLatinAmerica());

Here's the implementation of the custom wiki markup:

function GetMapOfLatinAmerica() {
  global $UserInstanceVars, $Author, $WikiTitle,
$pagename, $UserAuthAllowCookie, $PubDirUrl;
  $map_markup = "<HTML OF THE IMAGE MAP>";
  return FmtPageName($map_markup, $pagename);
} // GetMapOfLatinAmerica()

When I put the new pmwiki tag into any page it get's
saved properly as flat text as (:latinamerica:). So
far, so good. When I edit the page the next time, the
edit box doesn't contain the (:latinamerica:) custom
tag but instead the HTML generated by the tag's
implementation. I don't know how to prevent this, am I
registering the tag in the wrong stage of the
transformation? I tried changing it but it seemed to
have no effect on the editor.

Furthermore I could find nothing in the docs that gave
me a hint of what could be going wrong, so I don't
know how to proceed. Any help is appreciated.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance,

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