[pmwiki-users] new installation, noob admin, help with editing WikiSandbox

Dave Whitney whitney321 at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 14 07:10:32 CDT 2006

"sandINGbox"?  where'd I come up with THAT?  lol! is the url to the installation

Kathryn, I noticed that in your url's, the last do-flicky (tag?  markup? w/e!) was either

?action=edit  OR  &action=edit

? didn't work, so I tried & and it worked, I was able to edit.  Have I misconfigured something?  Or will I have to edit all urls to change the ? into & in order to get the wiki to operate properly?  I wonder if this is a lighttpd problem, a php problem, or pmwiki's problem?  Or did I setup the config.php incorrectly?
To answer your question, I used
and that doesn't work BUT the following does with the & replacing the ? in the action=edit at the end...

Russ, I'm so much a noob that I have to google mod_access and .htaccess.  I checked the config and ?n= isn't appended to pmwiki.php in the script location. 

Thanks for the clues, Kathryn and Russ!  I looked in the documentation, btw... couldn't find anything relating to this.


On Sun, Aug 13, 2006 at 07:40:20PM -0700, Dave Whitney wrote:
> I've installed pmwiki on a server, FC4... lighttpd webserver, php 5.something installed. I've got pmwiki seemingly working, yet when I try to practice in the sand box, I get the following: (what am I doing wrong? thx, Dave)
> Main /
>            WikiSandboxActionEdit
>    The page "Main.WikiSandboxActionEdit" doesn't exist.    (Create Main.WikiSandboxActionEdit)  

Hmm, the page should be 
and the action should be "edit"

So it should be something like


or, if you are using CleanUrls

How are you trying to access the sandbox?

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