[pmwiki-users] Devilish php problem...

The Editor editor at fast.st
Sun Aug 13 21:08:47 CDT 2006

Hi Pm!

An immense "thank you" to you!  I was able to use your suggestion to
solve the problem in 5 minutes!  Turns out pass1 was encased in hidden
%22's (a special code of some kind?).  I solved the problem by
rewriting one key line with this:

$pass1 = substr(urlencode(stripslashes($dv[1])),3,-3);

Maybe not the most elegant, but it seems to do the trick.  I also made
most or all the other changes you recommended and will take a more
careful look at the rest of the recipe in light of those suggestions
once I get a chance.

I want to work some on an email "switch" I have in mind next, and a
couple other tweaks then will release FAST Data as a pretty full
featured recipe for the cookbook.  I hope it proves a real blessing to

Thanks again,
Dan (aka Caveman)

On 8/13/06, Patrick R. Michaud <pmichaud at pobox.com> wrote:
> As far as debugging goes, I would add a line before the if statement
> to print out the values of $pass1 and $pass2, to verify that they
> really are equal:
>        // ...
>        $pass1 = stripslashes($dv[1]);
>        $pass2 = $_POST['Password'];
>        $GLOBALS['EnableRedirect'] = 0;
>        print " pass1=" . urlencode($pass1);
>        print " pass2=" . urlencode($pass2);
>        if ($pass1 == $pass2) {
>        //...

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