[pmwiki-users] Help with FAST Data, Please

Glenn Blalock gblalock at grandecom.net
Sun Aug 13 08:43:59 CDT 2006

If you are using FAST Data, Help, please.

I think FAST Data could be a useful tool for a project I'm starting.  But I
can't make it work.

I have downloaded data-v0.9.php from the cookbook page and changed the file
name to data.php.  I have uploaded it to my PmWiki installation, in the
cookbook folder.  I've added the appropriate include-once line to my
config.php file.  I'm currently using PmWiki 2.1.12.

I can't make the form data save to a wiki page, though it seems to be
'trying' (you'll see what I mean if you peek at my test space):


The links to Add1, Add2, etc. are forms are I created to test collecting

The pagelists on that page are there to see if I'm collecting data.

The password for editing = 3d!t

I'll appreciate any guidance you can offer.  The recipe seems to be the tool
I need for a fairly large project.  

Glenn Blalock

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