[pmwiki-users] Wiki tools

Pico pmwiki at ben-amotz.com
Sat Aug 12 18:37:33 CDT 2006

Henrik Bechmann wrote:
> Just for general interest:
> Wikiwyg - Socialtext's wysiwig editor, said to be embraced by mediawiki:
> http://wikiwyg.net/
I'm not blown away.  But they do communicate the idea of Groups more 
effectively than PmWiki has.  I understand that PmWiki groups grew out 
of the same need described by Socialtext as creating a *new wiki* but 
with PmWiki I was too quick to think of Groups as a 1 level hierarchy 
(and, hence, the natural urges for more levels).

> Dan Briklin's WikiCalc, going to be used by SocialText as the basis for 
> products
> http://wikicalc.org/products/wikicalc/index.html
I am *totally blown away*  Lighting just struck twice: Dan Briklin (as 
in VisiCalc) has just done for wikis what he did for personal computing 
(created a killer app).

Unfortunately, his demo is huge and never loaded on Safari even with 
Java and JavaScript enabled (I ended up firing up the dreaded IE just to 
cut to the chase).

But watch that demo and start dreaming.

For me, looking at WikiCalc makes me daydream about a WikiBase; a front 
end for MySQL that uses PmWiki to provide an alternative to the world of 
commercial apps like MicroSoft's Access and the next wave of Web 2.0 
commercial online apps.

Let Briklin perfect WikiCalc and pave the way with lessons we can learn 

If we could provide a great front end and easy install for MySQL, or any 
other good db, or even just to SQL functions, we could do everything 
WikiCalc could do plus everything else that you can do with an SQL and 
db that would be harder, or less possible, with a spreasheet app.

Anyone excited by that idea?

Anyone else inspired by WikiCalc?


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