[pmwiki-users] Updates to commentbox

John Rankin john.rankin at affinity.co.nz
Thu Aug 10 19:05:21 CDT 2006

On Wednesday, 26 July 2006 3:31 AM, noskule at gmx.net wrote:
>one question is how to handle the title. I personaly think that it should in
> a separate field, cause otherways most users dont get it. At the moment I
> use no title if someone wants one he have to write a "!" in
>the textfield.

next on the 'to do' list; I just need to come up with a robust design

>$postcount variable:
>Then in commentbox styled there is a postcount variable that is realy usefull
>for using commentbox with a blog, could this also be implemented in


>$CommentBoxFmt = "
><div id='message'><form action='\$PageUrl' method='post'>
>could be:
><div class='commentbox'


>using (pmwiki) standard css class for the form element to provide css 
>with other extensions for example
><div class='commentbox . .. . . ...
>        <input type='text' name='author' value='\$Author' class='inputbox 
>commentboxbox' />
>        <input type='submit' name='post' value=' $[Post]' class='inputbutton 
>commentboxbutton' />-->
>        <input type='reset' value='$[Reset]'  class='inputbutton 
>commentboxbutton' />
classes inputbox and inputbutton added

an administrator can style commentbox elements with, for example,
div.commentbox input.inputbox { ... }

This version adds a couple of lightweight comment spam deterrents:

$MaxLinkCount is set to 1 by default. If a post contains more than
$MaxLinkCount links, it is ignored.

$commentboxaccesscode is set to false by default. If set to true,
a poster is prompted to enter a randomly-generated number from
100 to 999.

An administrator can set these to different values in local/config.php
*before* including commentbox.php.

John Rankin

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