[pmwiki-users] chmod o+w members.htpasswd - i figured this out

JB jbit at ev1.net
Thu Aug 10 15:17:23 CDT 2006

I figured this out now.

This is similar to the wiki.d directory when you are
installing pmwiki.

I delete the current "members.htpasswd" file and 
the used "chmod 2777 ." on the main pmwiki directory
and also on the pwmiki/local directory.  Then I tried
to create a new login in my browser by going to the 
wiki page.  The program was able to create
the file for me (previously I created it in the command
line with the htpassed command).  After that I changed
the main pmwiki directory and also on the pwmiki/local 
directories abck to normal with "chmod 577 .".
Looking at ls -alF I see the owner is now listed as
"apache", so perhaps I could have done this with 
the chown command, but it works now.

> I found that Passwd-formatted files (.htpasswd) with AuthUser did
> not work with my normal file permissions.  I had to do a
> "chmod o+w members.htpasswd"
> Is this safe or is there a safer better way to do this?
> Do I have to change owenership of the file somehow so
> the AuthUser can modify it?
> -rw-rw-rw-  1 jbit jbit   125 Aug 10 13:22 members.htpasswd
> chmod <permission flags> <file or directory name(s)>
> WHO IT APPLIES TO (pick one or more)
> u For the owner
> g For the group
> o For all others
> ACCESS CHANGE (pick one)
> + Grant access
> - Deny access
> ACCESS TYPE (pick one or more)
> r For read access
> w For write access
> x For execute access

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