[pmwiki-users] Include PHP Script in Page Markup

Gregory Martyn GMartyn at JudicialTitle.com
Thu Aug 10 12:42:35 CDT 2006

Cool; thanks. Your includephp markup is exactly what I was looking for.
Is there anything PmWiki can't do? :)


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If you really want to include a php script directly, then perhaps
something like:

    function IncludePHP($pagename, $script) {
      $html = ob_get_contents();
      return $html;

    Markup('includephp', 'directives',
      '/\\(:includephp (.*?):\\)/e',
      "Keep(IncludePHP(\$pagename, '$1'))");

All of Balu's security concerns are correct -- as written here it
would be easy for a malicious author to do some nasty mischief.
This is just to give some idea of how to create the markup in the
first place.


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