[pmwiki-users] How Can I Get Rid of the "vspace" classes?

Andrew Standfield andy at scruffyco.com
Wed Aug 9 23:38:37 CDT 2006

Thanks, Pm.

By doing a search for that variable at pmwiki.org, I discovered the  
$HTMLStylesFmt variable and put

$HTMLStylesFmt = '';

in my config.php file. My guess was right that it suppressed PmWiki's  

This is what I truly love about PmWiki. So many other publishing  
engines; be it blogs, CMS, or wiki; will push certain HTML on to a  
generated page, and make it a monumental task to suppress that output  
and just get straight markup. The fact that PmWiki's variables are  
all so well documented and accessible to developers is one of the  
main reasons I feel it's the best publishing engine I've ever used.

BTW, ignore my earlier request about the break tags. I figured out  
it's just the difference between [[<<]] and \\.

And I guess I can use custom mark up to generate a blockquote tag,  
although if there's already markup for it, I'd rather use that (I  
just can't find it on pmwiki.org).

Andy Standfield

On Aug 9, 2006, at 7:36 PM, Patrick R. Michaud wrote:

> On Wed, Aug 09, 2006 at 05:50:10PM -0700, Andrew Standfield wrote:
>>    Is there a way to stop PmWiki from forcing the "vspace" class  
>> on to
>>    different things? More importantly, is there a way to make it  
>> not write
>>    the empty div tags?
> In config.php, add
>    $HTMLVSpace = '';
> This will eliminate all traces of vspace.
> Pm

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