[pmwiki-users] notify

Thomas N. Burg mail at randgaenge.net
Wed Aug 9 10:07:01 CDT 2006

Am 09.08.2006 um 17:02 schrieb Dominique Faure:

> On 8/9/06, Thomas N. Burg <mail at randgaenge.net> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I get an error message with this in config.php
>> $NotifyList[]='notify=xy at xy.com,xy at xyz.com,lm at km.com';
>> $NotifyList[]='notify=xy at abx.net,12 at orgino.de,kor at kor.com'
>> name=Main.Sessions;
>> There must be something wrong with the notation of the second line. I
>> want extra notifications for just one page
>> Can you help me out?
> $NotifyList[]='notify=xy at abx.net,12 at orgino.de,kor at kor.com  
> name=Main.Sessions';
> should do the trick.

Looks good so far.


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