[pmwiki-users] Recipe "Guestbook" getting dozens of spam entries a day

bram brambring bram.brambring at gmail.com
Tue Aug 1 15:09:17 CDT 2006


I had a similair problem with an addlink page. The spammers where
quite stupid, after sumbitting a link, the new link even didn't show
up unless the link was approved manually.

What was strange as well was that the links quite often didn't work at
all, maybe some spam robot was probing my site or something like that.
Probably looking for input names like 'url', 'link' ,'comment', and

I changed the submit code from a simple submit button to:

<input type='submit' name='p' value='go' style='display:none'/>
<script language=\"JavaScript1.1\" type=\"text/javascript\">
document.write('<in' + 'put ty'+'pe=\"hid' + 'den\"
na'+'me=\"acti'+'on\" va'+'lue=\"addme\">');
document.write('<input t'+'ype=\"sub'+'mit\" na'+ 'me=\"post\"
value=\" $[Post] \" />');

Since then no more spam links. My addlink script is based on the
commentbox code, shouldn't be to difficult to apply the code.

Maybe it help to confuse the spam-bots by changing  the names of the
input fields as well :
comment -> blabla
url -> foo

and so on

1. Spammers are stupid.

On 8/1/06, David Sovinski <aslan at aslandata.com> wrote:
> My Guestbook recipe is getting dozens of automated junk entries a day.
> My Group "Guestbook" has a password so only I can edit (read that as
> clean-up the mess) the resulting content.
> What can I do to stop the bots from generating these porno links?
> Thanks
> Caspian
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