[pmwiki-users] Bug in Safari

Sivakatirswami katir at hindu.org
Thu Sep 29 16:26:26 CDT 2005

Platform: Mac OSX, Tiger. 10.4.2
Browser: Safari: 2.0.1 (412..5)
PMWiki: 2.0.5
Skin: GeminiTwo 10

bug: open wiki page, click "EDIT",  select text, go to GUI buttons,  
click on GUI button (to make bold, or make heading...whatever..)  
nothing happens. Well, not exactly, the text is de-selected.  Works  
fine in FireFox and Netscape on the Mac.

So, this looks like a case of Safari losing the selection when the  
mouse focus shifts to  GUI control button.

Can someone confirm if this is the case in *any* skin on Safari?  If  
so, I doubt this is fixable by PMWiki... as it would be a lo-level  
Safari bug.


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