[pmwiki-users] help needed - URL structure (take 2 :)

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud at pobox.com
Thu Sep 29 10:47:24 CDT 2005

On Thu, Sep 29, 2005 at 11:22:34AM -0400, Constantin Basturea wrote:
>    I'm running a wiki (http://www.thenewpr.com) on pmwiki-1.0.13,
>    password-protected for editing.
>    I have the following problems:
>    -- All of a sudden (of course!) I can't edit any page. The edit password
>    is not recognized. Changing the edit password didn't work.
>    -- All pages have changed the structure of their URLs
>    From: http://www.thenewpr.com/wiki/pmwiki.php/Group/PageName
>    to: http://www.thenewpr.com/wiki/pmwiki.php?pagename=Group.PageName
>    ... while the /pmwiki.php/Group/PageName pages are blank.
>    Can anyone please help? I realize that it's (most 0probably) a trivial
>    question, but I couldn't find the information to help me solve the
>    problem.

I'm guessing that one or more of the following has happened:
   - Apache was upgraded (e.g., from 1.3 to 2.0)
   - PHP was upgraded
   - The Apache or PHP configuration has been changed
   - PHP has been switched to run in "CGI" mode instead of as an
     Apache handler

First, let's see if we can get edit passwords working -- try adding 
the following line to your local/config.php:


This switches PmWiki to use session-based authentication instead of
HTTP-based authentication.  If the PHP configuration has changed
such that it's no longer an Apache handler, then HTTP-based 
authentication (the PmWiki 1.0.13 default) no longer works.

To get URLs back, we need to know what webserver you're currently
running.  If it's Apache 2.0, then you need to make sure that the
"AcceptPathInfo" directive is set to "On".  Then, in the local/config.php
file, set 

    $EnablePathInfo = 1;

so that PmWiki will start using the pmwiki.php/Group/Name urls again.

If that doesn't work, we'll need to see if url rewriting is a

Finally, try setting $EnableDiag=1; so that we can help troubleshoot
a bit.


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