[pmwiki-users] General Farming Questions

Hans design at softflow.co.uk
Thu Sep 29 03:09:58 CDT 2005

Thursday, September 29, 2005, 3:47:46 AM, Patrick wrote:
>> 2) While, I'm content to let everyone run under Gemini, for "each  
>> client could look substantially different." are you applying a  
>> different skin to a different group? If so,  how?

> Each group is able to have a custom configuration file, in 
> local/<Group>.php -- settings here typically override settings made
> in the config.php file.  So, to change skins for the XYZ group,
> simply set local/XYZ.php to contain:

>       $Skin = 'otherskin';

> Beyond that, pages are allowed to contain (:noheader:), (:nofooter:),
> etc., so authors can use XYZ.GroupHeader and XYZ.GroupFooter to design
> custom "skins" of a sort by turning off the default headers and
> footers.

The Gemini and FixFlow skins allow different headers and footer to be
set for different groups by creating for the group a page
XYZ.PageHeader and XYZ.PageFooter. Just put a group's title in the
PageHeader page, or attach a logo image.
You could turn off the display of the group link in the titlebar
sitewide in skin.php, or groupwide with (:nogroup:) in the
You can set different color and font schemes for each group with
(:theme colorname fontname:) in the GroupHeader, or in a groups
local/XYZ.php file with $DefaultColor = '...'; and $DefaultFont =
And of course you can have different SideBars and RightBars in each

What we have not mentioned is how to restrict search to work only in
one group and not show results from other groups. I had a quick look
on pmwiki.org and could not find the information about this, but I am
sure we discussed this before.

One way is to modify the Site.Search page and write
      (:searchresults group={$Group}:)
which will display only search results of the current group.


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