[pmwiki-users] Is it possible to exclude sidebar on specific pages?

Rene Visco rvisco at csdr-cde.ca.gov
Wed Sep 28 18:42:53 CDT 2005


I can opt either for two different kinds of templates for creating "pages"
in Wordpress.  One includes the sidebar and other template removes the
sidebar, but retains the entire site look.

For this school's wiki, there are a lot of charts and graphs produced in
Word documents. 

I wonder if it's possible to exclude the sidebar on the specific page so it
can give me a room to expand the chart/tables, etc.

I'm aware that Pmwiki can do tables, but it can be tedious if we already
have Word tables and I don't see a reason why we need to copy/paste each
cell content.

What I thought is to make a HTML page of Word doc, including charts..then
have it (url) included in a wiki page, but for light skin template, it's too
small and cramped. 

So hence my question, "Is there a way to remove the sidebar for that
specific page?"

Rene V. 

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