[pmwiki-users] Pmwiki emacs mode not handling redirects

Robin robin at kallisti.net.nz
Wed Sep 28 07:11:53 CDT 2005

I have my wiki set up on '/', and a so request to 
http://www.kallisti.net.nz/ results in a 301 redirect to 
http://www.kallisti.net.nz/Main/HomePage. However, if I open that URI 
from within emacs, it requests:
which results in a redirect to:
which the emacs mode doesn't follow.

If I tell it to open
then it works fine, because pmwiki sees the request. However, this isn't 
the nicest way of doing things. Is there a better workaround for this?
If the mode requested .../Main/HomePage?action=source then that would do 
the trick.

('...' equals my hostname so I don't have to keep typing it:)

Also, it would be nice if the emacs http-get set a user-agent string, just 
for logging purposes (but that's not really a requirement)

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