[pmwiki-users] Re: Recipe looking for author -- (:mail:)...(:mailend:)

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud at pobox.com
Mon Sep 26 14:32:19 CDT 2005

On Sun, Sep 25, 2005 at 10:13:52AM +0200, chr at home.se wrote:
> On Fri, 23 Sep 2005, Patrick R. Michaud wrote:
> > On Fri, Sep 23, 2005 at 12:28:12PM +0200, chr at home.se wrote:
> > > I just copied'n'pasted an e-mail onto my wiki and realised that it'd be
> > > good to have a special markup to wrap around the e-mail.
> > 
> > As an alternative, what if we did something along the lines of 
> > http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/ExcelPaste, where someone can
> > paste in an email message, press a button and PmWiki "re-formats" the
> > email format into PmWiki markup?
> I've never tested that recipe, how does it work. Does pressing the "Excel" 
> button make pmwiki parse the source for Excel-looking things and then 
> parse it?
> Would it be possible to make an approach like this work with a separate 
> editor, i.e. pmwiki-mode for Emacs?

It could probably be made to work; all that ExcelPaste does is 
submit a preview request with a special option that says "convert
Excel-looking things into tables".

> > The concern I have with (:mail:)...(:mailend:) is that we're effectively
> > saying that PmWiki pages can have two separate markups -- one for normal
> > text and a second, somewhat different one for embedded email messages.  
> I understand your concern... does it make a difference that an embedded 
> mail message ought to be static, i.e. not editable?
> As a side note, doesn't your argument also apply to these as well:
> 	http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/Beautifier
> 	http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/CodeBlock

Only that I suspect it will often *not* be static -- i.e., many times
we want to chop up an email in order to be able to respond to specific
items within the message (as I'm doing here).  With things such
as Beautifier and CodeBlock I suspect that doesn't happen.

However, perhaps Beautifier and CodeBlock can be easily extended to
support an (:code=email:) [=...=] option.  That would do what you
want, yes?


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