[pmwiki-users] title directive and links

romat2 romat2 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 26 07:10:36 CDT 2005

> > I was able to change the RecentChanges page format by changing the
> > following two variables:
> >
> > $RecentChangesFmt['$SiteGroup.AllRecentChanges'] = '*
> > [[$Group.$Name|+]] . . . $CurrentTime $[by] $AuthorLink:
> > [=$ChangeSummary=]';
> Excellent...! I hadn't considered this possibility!  This simple
> mechanism for having titles in RecentChanges pages adds a *lot*
> of weight to the idea of putting [[Page|+]] markup directly in
> the core.

I don't understand. I use [[$Group.$Title->$Group.$Name]] link that
doesn't require TitledLinks recipe. Does [[$Group.$Name|+]] link have
any advantage?

> The relevant Fmt variable is $Title.  One mechanism for displaying
> titles instead of pagenames in (:pagelist:) output is described
> at http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/PagelistExplained , in the
> "Comments/Questions" section.  (Yes, I'm planning to move this
> particular item into its own recipe.)

Great! The only problem is that order parameter does not allow
"title", so pages are shown with titles but sorted by page names.


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