[pmwiki-users] Prevent line break, anchors, ...

Robert Riebisch rr at bttr-software.de
Fri Sep 23 03:01:49 CDT 2005

John Rankin wrote:

> Several possibilities:
> - the obvious is to include the brackets, but I assume you don't want
>   to do that

You're right. I don't want this. This is a work-around, but no real
solution. ;-)

> - use a different browser (it's fine in Safari)

This is another work-around, but no solution. IE is still *the* browser
in the Windows world.

> - create a new markup for nobreak, such as '[(@@...@@)]' with the following
>   code (ie '[ ... ]' wraps text in <nobr> tags -- there may be a better
>   choice of markup)
>     Markup("'[",'inline', "/'\[(.*?)\]'/",'<nobr>$1</nobr>');

That looks very good. I put it into local/config.php and it works fine.
:-) Regular expressions are very powerful, but I don't understand them.

> You should be able to write just [[#anchor | text]].

OK, PmWiki led me to the wrong direction, because the preview created a
link "http://wiki.bttr-software.de/Articles/RenameBug?action=edit#L1".
This is correct, but a little confusing. ;-)

Robert Riebisch
BTTR Software

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