[pmwiki-users] PublishPDF beta 3 released

John Rankin john.rankin at affinity.co.nz
Fri Sep 23 01:24:44 CDT 2005

I have uploaded a new version of the Cookbook:PublishPDF library.
See http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/PublishPDF

This provides the ability to typeset single wiki pages or any 
page collection into high quality pdf.

There is also a revised UserGuide.pdf file.

This release adds several improvements:
- fix (:markup:) markup to use <group class=‘frame’> (floating mini-page)
- improve pdf metadata
- on pdf creation failure, redirect to the original page and display an error page
- improve bgcolor style support so these work with URLs
- add support for legal notice and colophon pages
- provide more flexilility in recognising Approved Wiki Urls 
and some minor bug fixes

Those using beta2 are encouraged to upgrade. It should now no 
longer be necessary to register http://www.example.com/ and 
http://example.com/ and http://www.example.com/site/ -- 
registering http://www.example.com/ should be enough!

If the typesetting server encounters an error composing 
a page, it now redirects back to the original page and 
displays an error page. The code to handle this at the 
pmwiki end and a Site.WikipublisherError page are included
in beta3, so upgrading really is a good idea!

It includes Site.PrintHeader, Site.PrintFooter and 
Site.PagePrintFooter pages as default legal notice and colophon
pages. The PrintHeader and PrintFooter pages are automatically
included in any multipage publication. The PagePrintFooter is
included when typesetting a single page.

These are in addition to any GroupPrintHeader and GroupPrintFooter
pages that may be specified.

To upgrade, replace cookbook/wikipublisher/ and the various skin/

The release notice is at:

Comments, questions, bug reports and suggested improvements welcome. 
There is an issues register (PITS-style) at
John Rankin

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