[pmwiki-users] from 2b28 to 2.0.6

malexism malexism at free.fr
Thu Sep 22 09:15:09 CDT 2005


I'm planning to update from v 2 beta 28 to v 2.0.6.
For a try, i am doing a fresh install and moving pages and files from 
the old version to the new one. It seems ok, but i do not test 
everything. Is this a good way for update ?

So, i am questioning myself : what is the use of transition.php ? If i 
install the new version over the old one, do pmwiki make a call to 
transition.php ?

Does the best solution is to make a copy the old wiki and to update, 
then test, and finally replace the old one (by renaming directory) ?


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