[pmwiki-users] Question about (:if expr auth admin:)

Christopher Dant cdant at virsa.com
Wed Sep 21 20:23:21 CDT 2005

> > I'm quite willing to develop a "form-based user-management solution"
> > that works with authuser.php; I just need some idea of what
> > the interface should look like and what features it needs to support.
> >
> > (None of my sites require user-based authentication, so I
> > can't really design a solution for this based on my own
> > needs.  Hearing from others about this would be a big help.)
> >
> > Pm
> For the two wikis that I manage, I am looking for these two aspects of a
> 'solution':
> a. access rights based on groups (the ability to grant each user access
> rights to specified groups, with a default for the entire wiki)

By "groups" here are you referring to "groups of pages" (i.e., WikiGroups)
or "groups of authors"?  authuser.php already has the ability
to control access to WikiGroups by individual users.

> b. web-based management panel to remove the need to hand-edit
> local/config.php or a passwd-formatted text file

What features does the web-based management panel need?
Is it an "admin-only" interface, or do visitors need the ability
to use it as well (e.g., to create accounts, recover lost passwords,


I've summarized some ideas about this "solution" and could post it to a page on PmWiki.org. Suggestion on where to add it, something like PermissionsByGroupsDev? Or would you rather see it in an email... where-ever is fine.
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